SIPOL is a world leader in the thermoplastic adhesives sector for the footwear industry. On our plant in Mortara (PV), both polyamide and polyester granules are produced and subsequently extruded for the production of adhesive rod necessary for assembly operations.

  Thermoplastic adhesives for Lasting


 Co-Polyester Rod

Technipol 170

Technipol 170 N

 Co-Polyester granules

Technipol 171

 Co-Polyamide Rod

Technipol PA 167

Technipol PA 167 - 4.2

 Co-Polyamide granules

Technipol PA 162/G

Technipol PA 167/G

Technipol PA 168/G

  Thermoplastic adhesives for folding


 Co-Polyamide granules

Technipol PA/G

  Thermoplastic toe puff printing


 Co-Polyamide granules

Technipol PA 132